HT Agitators

HT Turbine Agitators have earned a worldwide reputation for long life, flexibility and ruggedness. As a result, they are the preferred agitators of many industries for harsh, demanding environments where peak performance is integral.

HT Turbine Agitators are robust, simple and designed for ease of maintenance. The drive has a minimum of moving parts, while NC machining of the housing and the subassemblies ensures trouble-free interchangeability and precision parts mating.

Engineered for the ultimate in process compatibility, the HT Turbine Agitator is available in 13 standard drive sizes from 1 to 1,000 hp - even more for specialized applications. A wide selection of mounting methods, materials of construction, shaft seals, shafts, impellers and accessories can provide the best turbine agitator for virtually any process.

Drive Components

Right-Angle Design

The right-angle drive of the HT agitator is readily adaptable to nearly any mounting configuration - flanged nozzle, independent beam support and top or bottom entering. The right-angle design also simplifies the mounting, alignment and service of standard foot-mounted motors.

Helical and Spiral Bevel Gearing

Helical gears are hardened, precision-hobbed, then shaved to exacting tolerances for proper contact and longer life. All HT gearing is inspected for compliance with AGMA Quality 10 standards.

Timken Tapered Roller Bearings

For superior handling of both radial and thrust loads Timken ® tapered roller bearings are used throughout the HT drive. Drive bearings can be service rated to over 100,000 hours L-10 life.

Internal Shafts

Both short-span and low-speed shafts feature maximum rigidity and are precision-turned on NC lathes for dimensional consistency and straightness.

Positive Lubrication

High -speed bearings are continuously protected through splash-lubrication. A specialized drywell shaft seal prevents oil leakage. Easily accessible grease fittings lubricate low-speed shaft bearings.

Robust Housings

Drive housings, support pedestals and mounting feet are fabricated from steel plate. Each component must then pass a quality inspection on a computerized precision coordinate measuring inspection machine. Each housing features lifting lugs and eyebolts for simplified, safe handling of the agitator during installation and removal. Catalyzed, polyurethane exterior finishes protect against corrosion in both indoor and outdoor operating environments.

Chemineer HTM Agitators

The Chemineeer HTM is an optional gearbox for high torque applications and is manufactured specifically for agitator service. The HTM agitator drive is available in both right angle and parallel shaft configurations and offers many of the same benefits as the HT drive.

Motors & Flexible Couplings

Foot-Mounted Motors

Chemineer engineers have supplied nearly every imaginable power source for HT Turbine Agitators, including steam turbines, fluid drives, internal combustion engines and others. However, the most common drive option is the standard, industrial foot-mounted motor. Easy to mount, align and service, these standard motors are NEMA Class B in design, with a 1.0 service factor, and are available from 1 to 350 hp. Speeds are 1800, 1200 and 900 rpm. Motor enclosures are either TEFC or explosion-proof. For severe chemical service, motors with Class F insulation and a 1.15 service factor can be specified.


Variable frequency, electronic controls are available for applications requiring responsive speed changes. Tachometers, signal interfaces and transformers are available. Variable-speed belt drives offer process flexibility with three-to-one speed range.

Flexible Couplings

HT agitators up to 50 hp are shipped standard with flexible couplings for improved shock and vibration absorption. Other coupling configurations include gear couplings, flexible element, disc-type and fluid couplings.

Oversized Shafting

All Chemineer shafting is sized and tested to resist torsional loads and bending moments resulting from hydraulic forces acting on the impeller during mixing. Chemineer will work with you to determine optimum sizing for your application.

HT agitator shafts are available in diameters of 1-1/2 to 10 inches and afford maximum resistance to shock loads. All shafts are straightened to 0.003 inches of total runout per foot of shaft length to minimize vibration and maximize seal life. Our experience with special applications enables you to specify practically any machinable alloy or protective coating suited to your process.


Shafts are available in single piece or rigidly coupled designs. Pipe shafting, ideal for large diameter shafts, feature couplings and impellers welded to the shafting.


Extended keyways for adjusting impeller position offer flexibility in case your processes change. A variety of surface finishes provide protection in harsh service environments.


Easier extension-shaft-to-drive-shaft field assembly is achieved with flanged rigid couplings with removable coupling halves or welded coupling halves. Optional in-tank couplings simplify installation of long shafts.

Steady Bearings

Support of extremely long shafts requires the use of steady bearings. All Chemineer steady bearings have a replaceable wear sleeve that can be fabricated from a variety of materials. Both bracket- and tripod-mount designs are available.

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