General Mixing Applications

There are a wide range of applications which involve the use of agitators, high shear mixers, and static mixers, which vary from simple to complex.  For agitator applications, Chemineer has established a design procedure which enables an engineer or designer to: estimate the agitator size and cost, provide a basis for analyzing existing equipment for upgrade or modernization, and provide a basis for specifying and comparing turbine agitator equipment for new projects or applications. This Chemineer design procedure for turbine agitators is called “ChemScale.”

ChemScale:  Chemineer Design Procedure (Overview)

The ChemScale links above will provide steps to design, specify, and optimize an agitation system for your process or application.

For static mixers, Chemineer designs mixers based upon main flow rates, injected additives, material properties, line size, and allowable pressure drop.  Applications range from blending, dispersion, suspension, mass transfer, and heat transfer.  Static mixer details can be found here.

For High Shear Mixers, Chemineer offers our Greerco line of batch and continuous flow mixers.  Typical applications include liquid/liquid dispersions, creams and lotions, pharmaceutical applications, and others.  Greerco High Shear Mixer details can be found here.

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