Chemineer Online Mixer Pricing and Selection System

Static Mixer Configurator
Pipe Diameter Number of Mixing Elements
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Stream Min Max Viscosity
Main Stream m3/h m3/h cP
Additive Stream m3/h m3/h cP
Output Min Max
Pressure Drop
Model Selection

*CoV is a statistical term used in many industries to define the variation within a set of data. In regards to mixing, it is the global standard in defining how well a mixer blends fluids and how much product variation there is after the mixer. Increased mixing reduces variation in the product and would result in a lower outlet CoV.

Guidelines of desired outlet CoVs:

  • For pre-mixing or light blending a CoV of 0.20 would be acceptable
  • Typical industrial applications specify a CoV of 0.05
  • Critical mixing applications may specify a CoV of 0.02

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